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Barber Opening at Salon Amarti & Spa in Alexandria, VA

Contact Information

Salon Amarti & Spa
1010 King Street
Alexandria, VA 22314

Job Description

Clean and sterilize scissors, combs, clippers, and other instruments.
Clean tools or equipment.
Cut and trim hair according to clients' instructions or current hairstyles, using clippers, combs, hand-held blow driers, and scissors.
Trim client hair.
Drape and pin protective cloths around customers' shoulders. Question patrons regarding desired services and haircut styles.
Discuss service options or needs with clients.
Clean work stations and sweep floors.
Clean work areas or facilities.
Record services provided on cashiers' tickets or receive payment from customers.
Maintain financial or account records.
Keep card files on clientele, recording notes of work done, products used and fees charged after each visit.
Maintain client information or service records.
Perform clerical and administrative duties such as keeping records, paying bills, and hiring and supervising personnel.
Supervise service workers. Perform administrative or clerical tasks. Perform human resources activities.
Order supplies.
Order materials, supplies, or equipment.
Shape and trim beards and moustaches, using scissors. Trim client hair.
Curl, color, or straighten hair, using special chemical solutions and equipment.
Apply solutions to hair for therapeutic or cosmetic purposes.
Apply lather and shave beards or neck and temple hair contours, using razors.
Trim client hair.
Stay informed of the latest styles and hair care techniques.
Maintain professional knowledge or certifications.
Suggest treatments to alleviate hair problems.
Shampoo hair.
Apply cleansing or conditioning agents to client hair, scalp, or skin.

Desired Skills and Experience

Barber License

Location Map

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