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Inpendent Hair Stylist Opening at JazzyStyles Salon in Fairfield, CA

Contact Information

JazzyStyles Salon
1930 Pennsylvania Ave
Fairfield, CA 94533

Job Description

Jazzystyles Salon is a new salon that prides itself not being just (A) step above the rest, but we are THEEEEEE STEP ABOVE THE rest. Jazzystyles Salon is looking for a licensed independent hairstylist.
Why work at JazzyStyles Salon you ask? Great Question:? Are you a stylist that may have a sizeable clientele however you have to pay outrages booth rental rates? OR
Are you a new stylist that has a small clientele, and you know you can expand on that clientele however the booth rental rates are so high you cannot afford to rent, and meet your other financial commitments???

Well we at JazzyStyles Salon believe you can be charged reasonable rent, where a lot is offered, not only for you but more importantly for your clients.

JazzyStyles Salon offers a 1 year lease with rent starting at $300.00 until the end year of 2015. Starting January 2016 rent is $500.00.

WHAT DOES YOUR RENT COVER ? I'm so glad you asked?

Your rent covers the following; Your clients walking into a new salon where they get that AHHHHHHHH EFFECT as soon as they open the front door.
Clients immediately feel and see a warm, inviting, relaxing and most of all an EXTREMELY CLEAN SALON.
Jazzy Clients get to relax in a quaint sitting room away from walk in traffic, where they can read one of our many magazines, chat with each other, or watch television.
You can also offer your clients tea, coffee, hot chocolate or any other beverages we may have at that time.
Seat your clients under a hooded in a dryer room where they can read or just close their eyes and relax without having to worry about other clients or stylist disturbing them.
Shampoo your clients hair while they relax in a oversized reclining shampoo chair.
Your are getting to rent a brand new station, cabinet space in the salon for Hair your supplies.
Freedom to make appointments any day of the week or weekend in order to meet the needs of YOUR CLIENTS.

I supply
Brand New Hair station for you to create hair styling masterpieces.

Your name on our window so clients can find you
Schedule your appointments to meet your clients needs.
Towels, Cleaning Supplies, I pay all Operational cost to keep the salon functioning according to all laws and statutes of California, and State board Barbering and Cosmetology.
Multi-cultural styling family. TRULY DRAMA FREE.

If you have nodded your head to anything within in this ad, then give me a call, or send email to; Pamela Hawkins

Desired Skills and Experience

Knowledge of the California State Board of Barbering & Cosmetology regulations.
Knows how to give great customer service.
Knows how to keep a drama free salon, just that drama free, whether it comes to themselves, their clients, invitees, etc.
You provide your own products, personal equipment and anything else you use for the needs of the clientele .
Your ability to have pride in our salon and keep every inch of the salon clean like we all currently do.

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