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Junior Assistant / Senior Assistant /Junior Stylist Opening at Oz A Salon / Daniel Lee in San Jose , CA

Contact Information

Oz A Salon / Daniel Lee
1355 Lincoln Ave.
San Jose , CA 94114
408 275 9100 or 408 48

Job Description

Currently we are advancing on the cutting edge and are excited for the next new fashion trends to sweep the globe just as the A-line bob , the faux hawk , the pixie , peek-a-boo highlights and of course the ombré have . We specialize in tailoring these looks for each individual person resulting in exciting hairstyles and beautiful hair color . We utilize head positioning , graduation , distribution and over direction to add volume , control density , create dimension and encourage movement on all lengths and textures. We are committed to excellent customer service and have a friendly , stylish envirionment . For me, salon coaching is down to earth and practical and aimed at accomplishing small or large business goals or resolving small or large issues that have been confounding you or interfering with the success of your business. Coaching necessarily begins with identifying the business goal to achieve or the problem to solve, why you think the situations exists, what help you want from me and what time frame you think you need to accomplish the outcome. I’m a coach and not a psychotherapist and while I likely will care how you feel, I am focused on what you want to accomplish and helping you do it.

Desired Skills and Experience

General expectations ... Practice common courtesy , Be on time
Dress Comfortable , take initiative , stay on task , follow through .

Location Map

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